Friday, May 31, 2013

Splatter Painting

I am pretty sure that I have tried this post before...and it FAILED!!  But, it worked this time!!!

So here it goes!!! It is highly recommended that you do this project outside as it WILL get messy!!

For this one you will need an art smock of some sort (preferably something that covers front and back), paper, paints, water, small cups (bathroom cups work perfect), tape and a couple paint brushes. We taped the paper to a big box but you could just hold it down with rocks too!!

It is hard to see but I put a small piece of tape at each corner to hold the paper on the box....

Have your little one pick out a few colors...we started with 4...and about 2 minutes in and she was bored and wanted more!

You will need 1 cup per color

Put a small amount of paint in each cup

Add about  1 or 1 1/2 inches of water depending on the size of your cup...Ideally they should be about 1/2 full

Now have your little one take the paint brush and mix it until the water takes on the color of the paint


Dipping the paint brush in the water stand about 1 or 2 feet from your 'target' or paper and fling the brush

Bug felt that being closer to the box and painting the driveway was more productive :)

She also decided that she wanted to rinse the paintbrush between colors...This isn't necessary....

As you can see this got messy! She splattered her face and her feet!!! 

Here was the first final product.....

Then she decided to add to the masterpiece by using her fingers :)

Final Product

Clean up:
Clean up is a breeze! Have your little one wash their hands with warm water (or a bath depending on how messy they got) and let the picture dry....The next time it rains everything outside will wash away!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cup Bell

For this project you will need:
A small plastic/paper cup, some pipe cleaners, some ribbon, an old bread tie, a fishing sinker (or a washer), scissors, and stickers 

Start by wrapping the bread tie around the fishing sinker...making sure that it is secure and tight

Take your scissors and poke 2 holes in the top of the cup

Bug picked green ribbon to put through the holes

Take the bread tie and 'thread' it through the ribbon on the inside of the cup

Once you have the length right for the pendulum part of the bell tie the ribbon on the top to secure it a double knot or triple knot would be your best bet

Twist the left over bread tie around itself to secure the pendulum

Cut the left over ribbon off

Have your little one pick a couple pipe cleaners and twist them together

Push the pipe cleaners through between the ribbon and the cup

Fold the two ends of the pipe cleaner up towards each other and twist them together forming a handle. 

Now it is time to decorate! 


Bug decided to decorate inside and out :)

Sorry for the yucky pictures...the camera on my phone isn't a very good one!!!