Friday, September 2, 2011


Something as simple as playing with store bought play dough can allow your child to be creative but takes nothing as far as prep time :)

[We made homemade Oatmeal Play dough awhile back if you want to make your own!!!]

Play-Dough can provide hours of fun!!

We had a friend join us today to play!!
We started by exploring...."It's squishy" is what they told me

We made pancakes with it....

and this is a sailboat on blue water :)

We also discovered that it would wrap around our fingers.

While they were discovering on their own I interjected with things like "What color(s) are you playing with?". Store bought play dough is great when you don't have the extra few minutes to create your own but still gives your child the quality time they need from you!!

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