Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Door Hangers

This project takes a little bit more time commitment from Mom or Dad but it is well worth it!!! (Unless your child is old enough to cut on their own)

All you need are 5 different colored sheets of construction paper (per sign), a pair of scissors, glue, an old cookie sheet (to do the project on), and a leaf pattern (or two)

You can find leave patterns here.

I found it easy to take a sheet of notebook paper and hold it up to the screen....trace the leaf and cut that pattern out

You will need 4 leaves....2 leaves of one color and 2 leaves of another color. Trace your leaf pattern on the papers (Sorry I forgot to get a picture of this step)

You will also need to cut out the letters to spell "Happy Fall"
[I am not able to do it free hand so I used cheap stencils I found at the dollar store but you can also print ones for free off the internet here. ]

With one of the  unused pieces of paper you will need cut a a strip of construction paper. With the construction paper sitting in the portrait position cut a strip of paper.


Take the last two sheets of construction paper and fold them in half.
You will cut one on the line making a large rectangle.
The other one you will cut below the line forming a smaller rectangle creating a framing look for the top of your sign.

Put glue at one end of your paper strip.  (I found because of the small space that it was easier for me to put the glue on for this part...)
[We cut our strip in a wavy line but you can cut it however you and your child decide]

On the back of your large rectangle glue your strip of paper

Have your child put glue on the back of the smaller rectangle.....then....

Have your child flip the paper over and glue it on the larger rectangle...

Have your child glue the letters H-A-P-P-Y on the top smaller rectangle with the strip of paper at the bottom.
(Since I was doing this with little ones I found it helpful to cut out the letters before we started the project....I also put the glue on the backs of the letters for them to minimize the mess factor)

I put the glue on the back of the letter and just pointed about where the letter should go...They put it where they felt it looked good :) (That's what makes it unique right? ;)  )

Put glue on the strip of paper and about 1/2 inch on the top of the sign (depending on how big your leaves are)

Glue your leaves down. Letting your child pick the colors (encourage them to alternate colors)

The 3rd leave should take up the rest of the strip of paper so your child will need to put glue at the end of this leave for the last one...

Once they get all the leaves glued on it is time to place the last few letters on it. Again, put glue on the back of the letters and point to where it needs to go (One letter per leaf)

Allow it to dry......then......

Hang it for everyone to see when they come to visit!! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Absorbing Art

For this you need: poster board, food coloring, containers, plastic silverware, water, glue,scissors, salt and a rimmed cookie sheet.

Our poster board was too big so we cut it in half to fit on our cookie sheet

Put a few drops of food coloring in your the containers...

Fill your containers half way up with water...

Have your child draw a design with the glue on your poster board...

Cover the glue with the salt..
Shake off all the excess salt...

Have your child use the spoons/forks to drip the colored water on the salt and glue mixture
[If your child is old enough an eye dropper will work better then the spoons but we would have just squeezed the whole thing out on one spot] 

As the salt absorbs the colored water it will move down the glue lines and create a tye dyed look :)

This idea is from FamilyFun.go.com

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Potato Stamps

Well, It was inevitable...I bought potatoes for tonight's dinner a couple days ago...and forgot to put them in the crock pot so why not get some use out of them :)

You'll need: potatoes, sharp knife, paper plate, poster board/paper, paints and a pan

"Take a picture of me with my paper mom....CHEEEEESSSSEEEE!!"

Cut your potatoes in different ways. I cut one in half:  length wise, I cut another in quarters, I cut another one in half: width wise and I cut the last one at an angle.

Have your child pick their paint colors (We picked 3)

Put some of each color on a paper plate

Have your child pick a potato and get started...

"I am painting with potatoes Mom"

Encourage your child to use many different pieces of the potato....each one will leave a different type of print...

Let your child's picture dry and hang it up to display!!

Just throw your potatoes on the paper plate and toss them in the garbage, wash your little ones hands and throw your pan and knife in the dishwasher :)

Here are some other pictures from today: