Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can You Smell That??

It's so easy but, this concept sparks so many triggers in your child's brain!!

We used an old butter container and poked holes in it on the sides and on the top.
We made sure to make one bigger hole on the top to make smelling easier...

You will also need another small container to put your "smelly things" in. This makes it easier to change the scents so you don't have to wash out the whole container.

Pull a few different things from the kitchen with strong scents! (
Make sure your little one doesn't see what items you are going to use)

Put one of your items in the dish [This is vanillia]
 (you are only going to need just a little bit of the samples you want to use)

Place the small container in the "smelly container"

Have your child smell it and guess what is inside it.

Once they guess pull it out and let them smell the small container

Repeat this as many times as your little one's attention span allows! We got 2 in today! We did vanilla and coffee!!

[Sorry for the quality of pictures...as you can tell we didn't really have the best attention span today :) ]

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