Saturday, September 24, 2011

Potato Stamps

Well, It was inevitable...I bought potatoes for tonight's dinner a couple days ago...and forgot to put them in the crock pot so why not get some use out of them :)

You'll need: potatoes, sharp knife, paper plate, poster board/paper, paints and a pan

"Take a picture of me with my paper mom....CHEEEEESSSSEEEE!!"

Cut your potatoes in different ways. I cut one in half:  length wise, I cut another in quarters, I cut another one in half: width wise and I cut the last one at an angle.

Have your child pick their paint colors (We picked 3)

Put some of each color on a paper plate

Have your child pick a potato and get started...

"I am painting with potatoes Mom"

Encourage your child to use many different pieces of the potato....each one will leave a different type of print...

Let your child's picture dry and hang it up to display!!

Just throw your potatoes on the paper plate and toss them in the garbage, wash your little ones hands and throw your pan and knife in the dishwasher :)

Here are some other pictures from today:

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