Thursday, September 22, 2011

Edible Necklaces

This could even be a fun way for your child to have breakfast in the morning if you make it the night before :)

A small container of fruit loops, string, and a pair of scissors is all you need. We did it on a towel since we do our projects on the floor so it is easier for Bug

Measure the string around your child's neck...making sure to leave enough room to slide the it over their head after they are done

Cut the string

On one end tie a fruit loop to make sure all the other fruit loops stay on the string :)

Have your child string the fruit loops on the string...

That stage was difficult for Bug so we resorted to me holding the string and she set the fruit loop on the string...

And then shake it until the fruit loop moves to the bottom of the string

After a little bit we got it and started to move at a pretty good pace :)

We got our necklace done (sorry its blurry she figured out it shakes)

We tied the other end of the necklace and TA DA! We have a necklace :)

AND SHE CAN EAT IT!! What's better then edible jewelry for a toddler??

Put what is left of the cereal away and your done :)


  1. your daughter is adorable!! she looks so happy! i love all the crafts you do together :)

    1. Thank You Maria....Some how this comment by passed me and I wasn't notified...I am SO sorry I didn't respond!!!


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