Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature Painting

A little late in the season for camping but this project is PERFECT for your outdoor adventure!!! 

Start with a bag or container that is easy for your child to hold.


Head outside and walk around. Have your little one pick up pieces of nature. Things like sticks, tree bark, leaves, rocks, pine cones, and pine tree needles work really well!

Once you get back inside you need your bag or container of items, a paper plate, paints, construction paper and an art smock

Have your child pick a color or two...

Put them on the plate.

After dumping out the contents of your bag so they can see it all have them pick an object.

Then have them roll or dip it in the paint

Then have them paint on the paper with it.

Continue doing this while encouraging them to pick other items out of the pile to paint with.

Bug decided she wanted to put the paint on the rock with her finger!

We discovered that the rock can stamp the paper!!

We tried painting with a leaf but she didn't like that...

The stick wasn't very fun for her either! (The pine cone and rock were her favorite)

She touched it up with her finger and called it good :)

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