Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moon Dough/Cloud Dough

This was so simple and Bug played with it for 2 hours!! 
All you need is some flour, oil and  a bowl or pan to play in... Measurements don't really matter but I used about 3-4 cups of flour and about 1 cup of oil....the extra measuring cup was so Bug could scoop the flour from the bowl to the dish...

After she added the flour to the pan we dumped in a little oil and used our hands to mix it...

We had to add a little more oil and mix it again...

Bug made an exploding volcano :)

We had a lot of fun and it was super easy!! 

* Original idea found HERE

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree 'Garland'

In the midst of the arctic air that showed up last week Bug was begging to go outside....

First off, I'm not a winter person. Yes, I am most definitely living in the wrong state....that fact aside...I decided to distract her with an art project instead!

It took quite awhile to make the chain as it had to be fairly long....and she kept getting up to go play...but in reality it should have been a quick project :)

I had Bug pick 3 huge pieces of construction paper....Our tree is 6 1/2 feet tall...and that wasn't quite long enough to wrap all the way around the tree....We wrapped it around the top and just 'cascaded' it from the middle down...

if you have the 8 1/2 by 11 pieces I would do a minimum of 6.

[Not sure why the picture won't turn the right way...SORRY!]

This is just an ordinary paper chain...super easy for kiddos to do....I cut the inch wide strips for her [You can cut the paper either direction but I cut it so that the strips were smaller]...and then showed her how to link them and glue them closed...

When I cut the strips I cut them in a wave pattern to add a little something extra to the chain...

If your child is old enough they could cut their own strips and this could be a project they could totally do on their own :)

This one was super easy!! Enjoy your Holiday season from our house to yours!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Melissa & Doug Terrific 25 List and Giveaway

Every year Melissa & Doug put together a 'Terrific 25 List'! They put their best toys all in one easy to find spot for you to check out!!
This list can be found on their website!!! Plus, as a bonus they are also doing a giveaway on their Facebook Page!! They are giving away one item off their list EVERYDAY!! Plus, one lucky person will win all 25 on Black Friday!!
Just head to their Facebook page to enter their giveaway!! It is one simple form that you fill one ONCE to be entered for all 25 days!! Couldn't be any easier!!!

Go check it out!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Melissa and Doug Holiday Giveaway!

It is that time of year again! The Holidays are right around the corner!!!

Melissa and Doug are doing their Terrific 25 Giveaway again this year!!!

Only 1 entry is needed to be entered for all 25 days! PLUS!!! One person will win all 25!!!

You can enter HERE! You can check out their Holiday Catalog for 2013 HERE

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween 'Treat' for the teachers

I was almost positive that Bugs teachers might appreciate something different then the ghost bubbles we made for her friends so here is what I found...(Once again Pinterest to the rescue!)

Mummy Candle Jars

These were SO easy....we made all 3 in 10 minutes max!! 

All you need is the jar, googly eyes, gauze and craft glue/ mod podge (make sure it dries clear)...

Simply cover the jar in a thin layer of glue and begin wrapping the gauze around the jar until the whole jar is covered. 

Be sure to secure the end of the gauze so it doesn't come undone! 

Use the same glue and glue the eyes on to the gauze. 

Then leave to dry!! 


In order for Bug to be able to help me I found it easiest to put my hand in the top of the jar and then a couple fingers on the bottom and spin the jar allowing Bug to guide the gauze (after I have started the gauze) so that it covers all the glue....I then had her point to where she would like the eyes placed and I added glue there and let her put the eyes on top of the glue! 

These work perfect with Tea Lights in these!!! :)


* Original idea found HERE

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween 'Treat' For School

As you might remember I was on the search for something for Bug to take to school for her friends that was a non-food item!

Well, after thinking long and hard here it is....we made ghosts!!

The materials needed for this are super simple!! Cheap bubbles, tape, string or ribbon, scissors, cotton balls and tissue paper. We chose sparkly tissue paper but any color works! You will also need a permanent marker (sorry that isn't pictured!!)

Take 1 bottle of bubbles and roll a piece of tape like this

Have your little one place the rolled piece of tape on the top of the bubbles

Take a cotton ball and have your little one 'puff' the cotton ball and place on top of the tape on the lid of the bubbles 

You will need to place another piece of rolled tape on top of the first cotton ball and fluff another cotton ball and place it on top of the second piece of tape

Take 1 piece of tissue paper and fold it in half length-wise placing the bubbles in the middle of the sheet

Fold the tissue paper around the bubbles container...using the string or ribbon tie the tissue paper tightly around the bottle

Have your little one (if they are old enough) draw the face on the ghost using the permanent marker


14 Ghosts ready to go for the Halloween party in a few weeks :)
(All done in 20 min)

What do you and your little ones send to school?? Leave your ideas in the comments!!

Let's try this again....

If you remember a couple weeks ago I had posted that I was really excited to start working on the 'treat' for Bugs friends for Halloween....

Well, the excitement quickly faded when I tried not once, not twice but THREE times to get it to work!!!

My original idea was to make pumpkin shaped crayons and give a few to each of her friends...cute right? 

It isn't so cute when you buy the wrong molds and there are pieces of the mold stuck to the crayons...anyways, lesson learned. So off I went to find another idea....

With just 2 weeks left before Bug needed something for dance class I was racking my brain trying to figure out what else we could do that wasn't sending food. 

I sat and thought I really don't know what to, off to Pinterest I went!! I found a really cute idea to use glow sticks HERE  :) SO excited!!!

I will post pictures once we get them made!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are You Ready?

Halloween is 37 days away!!! That's it....37 days!!! It is sneaking up on me quickly!! I plan to start making Bugs classroom 'treats' next week. I can't wait to post for you guys!!!

Does your child's school celebrate Halloween?? If so what kinds of things do you send with your children?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Routine

We are finally starting to get into a routine since school started a few weeks ago...I can't lie...I'm already SO over the whole taking her to school thing...

I don't mind getting up but what I'm not loving is that things revolve around Bugs school schedule and we can't just wake up and make plans on a whim....I know not everyone has the opportunity to do that so I am grateful that I was able to for 3 years.

Since we have (for the most part) nailed down our routine we should be able to do a new post like once a week...I know you guys have been asking for recipes that are kid friendly...but is there anything else you would like to see??

Please leave your ideas in the comments or feel free to post on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halloween is around the corner!!

It has been WAY too long since I have posted! SORRY!!

I could spend forever explaining how sorry I am but I will spare you and get right to the post!!

School has started and what does that mean?? Halloween is RIGHT around the corner! 

Now with Bug in school I am a newbie to what is okay within the school system and I know that each district has their own list of what is okay and what is not. Plus finding something that is friendly to all the possible allergies is not always an easy feat! 

So I searched for other options! I have to admit (if you didn't already notice) that I am no 'pinterest mom'...I am however notorious for taking on a project thinking 'this should be easy!' and about 3 or 4 items in I realize I bit off more then I could chew!  I am hoping this time is not one of those times as Bug can actually help me do this project! 

I have decided to make pumpkin shaped crayons for Bugs class. Bug can do most of the work with my supervision. I ordered the silicone molds today and we have everything else we need here in the house (with the exception of bags to put them in)!! 

What are the usual go-to Halloween gifts for you and your school aged kiddos?? We would love to have ideas for other years!!!