Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shiny Fishy

 Well, again we weren't feeling the whole 'art project' thing but after a little coaxing from Mommy we decided to make a shiny fishy :)

You need construction paper, scissors, plain white paper (construction paper will work for this as well), a 4-5 inch wide sheet of tin foil, and glue. (If you are as uncoordinated like I am you may need a pencil to draw your shape)

Have your child pick 2-3 different colors of construction paper

Draw your shape on the white printer paper....if you would much rather a separate piece of construction paper could be used for this as well
(Please excuse my bad art skills...I'm not the good drawer of the family :] )

Have your child tear the colored construction paper into small pieces

Then tear your tin foil into small pieces

Here are the piles we started before she got antsy...I had to continue to tear pieces of paper and tin foil while she worked on gluing them on the fish

While they are tearing paper and foil you can cut out the fish unless your child is old enough to help you or do it by themselves

Put the glue on your fish
(Its easiest if you put it on one spot [ie. the head or tail] first and once that area is finished do the rest)

Have your child place the pieces of foil and paper on the fish

Once she was done with the head she moved to the tail to work
(Sorry for the lack of in between pictures...I was tearing paper ;] )

Here is our finished product....once it dries we will hang it on the fridge :)

Simple...pick up scraps of paper...wash glue off hands and your done :)

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