Sunday, September 18, 2011

Textured Paint

This puts a new spin on painting with your little one!

All you need is: Paint brushes, a spoon, something to stir the paint with, construction paper, paints, containers for paint and rice

Have your child pick the colors they would like to use. 3 was plenty for us but if your child is older more would be more fun!

Put a small amount of paint in each container..

Have your child scoop a small amount of rice into each color...

[Lesson Learned: If your child is going to paint a picture with this you will need to add a few drops of water to the paint and rice mixture as well]

Stir your paint/rice mixture..

Have your child pick up their paint brushes...

And have them go to town!

After a few tries on the paper we realized that without the water it was easier to...

Scoop the rice up and paint our hands!

This was a whole different sensation then just using your fingers to paint :)

This was WAY more fun then trying to paint the paper :)

Clean up is a cinch!! Rinse out your containers (the rice will be soft enough to go down your kitchen sink) wash your kiddos hands with soap and water and your done!!

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