Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun!

An empty shower and shaving cream is all you need for this one :)

Place your child in the tub and fill their hands with shaving cream...
If your child is stable enough leave their socks on their feet for later :]

Back away if you don't want to be covered in shaving cream as well :) Then tell your child to shake or wave their hands throwing shaving cream everywhere!

"Do what mommy?"

That may be your child's response being as typically we tell them NOT to get what is all over them everywhere else :)

She flung shaving cream EVERYWHERE....we had it 3 feet outside of the tub :)

Once the floor of the tub gets shaving cream on it show them (with your help for safety) that they can slip and slide

Once your child has had enough....

Simply strip your child while they are in the bath tub and throw their clothes in the wash then take the shower head and rinse out the bath tub. If any gets outside the tub take a dry towel to wipe it off.

[If your child has sensitive skin take a wipe or wet wash cloth to their skin to wash off any residue of the shaving cream]

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