Thursday, June 21, 2012


We made 'fireworks' today!! Or at least tried.... :)

All you need is paint, 1 sheet of paper, and a fork

Squirt some paint on the paper for your little one

Have your little one grab the fork and drag it through the paint

Here are a few more pictures :)

Bug got bored using the fork and decided to use her hands :)

Our final project!

We are running short on time as we are getting ready for a vacation but if this happens to you you can either have your little one (if they are old enough) cut out the 'fireworks' shape and hang them in the house...

This is the type of shape I would use as a 'firework' :)

Put the paints away, fork in the sink, wash your little ones hands and let the paper dry.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stomp the Bugs???.....Or Run

So now that summer is upon us the bugs are out....

From the time Bug was hardly able to walk her Grandpa was teacher her how to 'Stop the bugs'...Very valuable lesson as my sister used to scream bloody murder when she saw a bug and I am trying to avoid this....

Well, that first summer she was stomping all the bugs she saw and random things she thought were bugs! GOOD DEAL! But, that only lasted the one summer....

Last year she would yell 'MOM THERE'S A BUG!' and then run in the opposite direction...Funny but not what I was looking for :)

This year however it depends on the day! One day she is stomping all the bugs she sees and the next day she is screaming bloody murder. In-fact, the other day I swore she was seriously hurt...turns out there was a TINY little bug on the steps. 

Do you have any tips or tricks that helps your little ones with bugs?