Monday, August 22, 2011

Sun Catchers

This project need a little more adult help then most of the other ones we have done....

Materials needed are: Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, Pencil, X-Acto knife, Wood, and Tissue Paper

Have your child pick and animal they would like to make

Have your child pick a color of construction paper and cut it out. 

If your child is old enough have them cut the animal out... (Doing hand over hand cutting here is a great way to teach your little one how to use scissors)

Put the cut out shape on the wood... [NEXT STEP IS FOR ADULTS TO DO!]

Using the X-acto knife cut out the center of the shape leaving about a half inch all the way around

Have your child cut tissue paper pieces to fit over the whole animal

Have your child line the outline of the animal with glue

Have your child place the tissue paper on the outline

Have them firmly push the paper down...

Place the tissue paper over the rest of the shape...

Firmly push this down too...

Flip it over and wait for it to dry...

Cut the excess tissue paper from the edges...

We added our turtles legs and again we need to wait for it to dry

Once it's dry hang on a window and watch the sun shine through!!!

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