Monday, August 29, 2011

Puffy Paints!

These paints are a unique way to let your child be creative!! They dry the way they were left so your child can create a 3-D picture!!

All you need is a paper plate, construction paper, wipes, shaving cream and glue.
(If you want different colors food coloring and Popsicle sticks will be needed as well)

Have your child pick their paper color

Place the plate close to their paper

Put your shaving cream on the plate. (No specific amount needed)

Add your glue to the shaving cream.
[If you add food coloring now is the time to add a few drops...]

Mix the shaving cream and glue together. Let your child do it if they are willing!
[If you added food coloring use your popsicle stick to stir it so hands aren't stained]

(Of course, after I started mixing it Bug decided that it was okay for her to do it too!!)

Once your paints are mixed paint your papers!

These paints have a unique texture making this a sensory project too!! Let your child take their time and explore it!! They are smooth and creamy....yet sticky!!

Let your child's creations dry and hang them up for everyone to see!!

{Lesson Learned: If your child's hair is longer pull it up and out of their face for this one or you will be brushing puffy paints out of their hair!!}

The wipes will clean the small spots and wipe it out of their hair.....Warm running water works better for their hands and / or feet when they are covered in it!!

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