Thursday, August 18, 2011

String Painting

We LOVE to paint!! (On a normal day :]  ) Today seemed to be somewhat of an exception....but even with the lack of focus we managed to still paint a pretty cool picture!!

For this very easy project you need: Scissors, construction paper, yarn/string, paint and depending on the surface you are working on something to put under the paper and paper plates/ bowels

Have your child pick a piece of paper out...

Put the paper plates/bowls around paper so that your child can reach them all when they are sitting

Have your child pick some paint colors. Due to lack of focus we only did 3 but you can do as many as you would like! Once you have your paint on the plates (or in the bowls)...

Cut your strings (about 8 inches in length). One for each plate is easiest.

Dip the string in the paint so one ended has paint on it...

Put the string on the paper and use the opposite end of the string to pull it across the paper...

Once your child is done you have a pretty cool looking creation!

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