Monday, August 15, 2011

Butterflies {Welcome Signs}

We had so much fun making these!

All you need is:
Wipes (or wet washcloth), finger paints, paint brushes, light colored construction paper, string and a hole punch.

We did ours outside because it was nice out but it is very doable inside too!

Make sure the feet are clean. I just used a wipe and wiped the one I wanted to use off.

Let your child choose the color they want to use...

Place the paint directly on their foot.

Use a paintbrush to spread the paint around their foot. Be sure to leave their toes paint free!!


Press their foot against the paper. If your child is older you can help them stand up and place their foot on the paper but I find with litter ones this way is best.

Peel the paper away and clean the paint off your child's foot.

Now its time to use their hands!! Again, make sure their hands are clean.

After letting your child pick the color apply it directly to their hand.

Use a separate paint brush and spread the paint all over their hands covering from wrist to finger tips.

Lining the thumb up with the edge of the footprint towards the middle and add a little pressure on their hand.

Peel the paper from their hand and repeat with the other hand.

Make sure both hands are cleaned off...then have your child pick another color

Using the color they picked put some on their thumb..using a paintbrush cover the whole thumb...

Once their thumb is covered have them put the print at the top for the antennae on the opposite side of the paper of the hand you are using. (For example: You painted their right thumb they should put it on the left side of the paper)

Switching sides repeat the above step again....

Make your second antennae



Let it sit to dry...

Once it dries you can either hang it up on the fridge as is...or...

 Cut them out leaving 1/2 inch all the ways around...

Put holes in the bottom of the butterflies...If you don't have a hole punch a ball point pen does wonders :)

Tie strings to the butterflies making sure both strings are about the same length

Make your welcome sign and poke holes in the top.  Tie the other ends of your string you just cut to your welcome sign.


Hang it on your front door and let everyone enjoy!! Your kiddo will love their artwork being displayed in other parts of the house aside from the fridge!!


Thank you for your comment!!! We read and appreciate every one of them!!!