Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Art out of Scraps

Materials needed are:
Tin foil, glue, construction paper, scissors, and tissue paper scraps.
[We were going to make a creation out of only tin foil but Bug insisted on using the tissue paper too!]

Have your little one pick their piece of paper
(Sorry its blurry she wouldn't sit still!)

Get a piece of tin foil

Cut it into strips....

Then cut the strips into small squares.

Have your child pick up a square of tin foil....

Then squish it.

After the pieces are squished...
Pull them apart. Each one will be left with unique lines and marks.

Next have your child put glue on the paper..

Next have your child put the tissue paper and tin foil on the glue. (We throw many pieces on at once :] )

Have your child push down on the tissue paper and tin foil so it sticks to the glue

After it dries they are left with a unique creation!!

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