Sunday, December 11, 2016

Leaf Rubbings

This post is long overdue!!! But none the less here it is!!!

I have to admit that fall isn't one of my favorite seasons..... Although, I truly like it,..... to me, it means that winter is coming far too fast. Quite honestly, I'm just not ready for that. But, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather (It's 60 degrees in November!!! Can't complain!!!) and we went for a walk!

While on our walk we gathered some leaves. Okay so Bug and I gathered leaves and little man well, he gathered some new swords... I mean sticks.... But, who doesn't need a collection of sticks! 

We took our time while walking and found some pretty awesome leaves!! This was one of Bug's favorite!!!  

Since we had collected so many different kinds of leaves we came back and made some leaf rubbings with them.  

Doing leaf rubbings is really simple!!! 

* Paper
*Peeled crayons
*Leaves (Any shape and size!)
*Flat surface

First, flip the leaves upside down on your flat surface (The back side of the leaf is facing up)

Then, have your little one lay the paper on top of the leaf (or leaves)........ (we are using regular printer paper). 

Next, using the side of the crayon rub the paper in the area of the leaf.
Make sure the whole surface of the leaf is covered.... even if it is with different colors.  

The beauty of this project is that it doesn't need to be perfect.... and it can be as complex or as easy as your child(ren) need it to be! 

I did learn that Little man wasn't very interested in it but, Bug would have sat at the age of 2 to do this so, it all depends on your kiddo!!! 

Share your finished projects with us in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK page!!! WE LOVE TO SEE THEM!!!! 

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