Saturday, December 19, 2015

**Small Motor Container

 We love to keep little ones busy and happy and nothing is easier then finding something that will entertain them over and over again. Plus, its a big bonus if it helps their developing brain and skills!!! Check out this easy one!!! 


* Straws - (we used wide ones but any will work)
*Washed out frosting container
*Permanent Marker

1) Take your lid off your container and mark where you are going to make your cuts 
              (making sure they are spaced far enough apart that there is room between holes)

2) Cut your holes
              (I had to bend the lid a little to make sure I could cut in the right places) 
               { A few tips: I made the holes varying sizes. A couple are bigger then the straws so they just fall in.... Others are just the right size and a couple are a bit smaller so he has a challenge. I also added a hole in the center and that one is the smallest one}


3) Measure your straws so they will fit inside the container with the lid on and cut them. 
          {You could use the marker to mark the straws if you wanted but we just guessed. We cut ours in varying sizes for a bit of variety for Little Man} 

4) Replace the lid leaving the straw pieces out

5) Since this was a new concept  I started by placing the straws in the holes so they stuck out and showed Little Man how to push them through.

He quickly caught on and was doing it by himself in no time!!! 

Clean up is super simple! The straw pieces store inside the container!!! 

** Original idea found HERE

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