Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shaving Cream Paint

We had lots of fun with this one!! It is a bit on the messier end of things (which is why we did it outside!) but, making a mess makes for fun memories!!!

This one is pretty simple to set up!

You will only need a few things and most of which may already be in your cupboards!!!

*Shaving cream
*Small paper cups (we used 4)
*Plastic silverware
* Food Coloring
*Cardstock - (You can use regular printer paper but the paper will be VERY flimsy when you are finished)

We chose to make 3 colors... So Bug chose 3 cups and we filled them with the shaving cream.... You want to leave room somewhere so that you can add the color without it spilling everywhere...

Add your food coloring to the shaving cream... for this we picked yellow, blue and we mixed the two to make a light green....

Using your plastic silverware (we used knives because they are easier to paint with) mix the food coloring into your shaving cream   
{Keep in mind that the food coloring may stain clothing and skin -this is the reason we did it outside!}

Now it is time to let your little one paint..... Bug used the knives to paint with but feel free to let your little one explore with different items. Things like sticks, pine cones, leaves and even their hands (if you don't mind them stained for a few days!) can be fun!!

Once they are done it should look something like this... with big globs of the paint all over.... 

Now it's time for the fun part!! 

Take the silverware and scrape all of the shaving cream off of the paper.... We used an extra cup to catch the shaving cream when we wiped the knife off.....

Look what happened to the paper!!! 
The food coloring dyed the paper leaving their design behind..... (and it smells good too!!) 

This project is much better for the older kids so to keep our 11 month old busy too I filled another cup with shaving cream and sat him off to the side in the grass and let him explore too!!! 

The best part is super simple clean up!! Because of the paper cups and plastic silverware it all can be tossed in the garbage and you are done!! 

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We love to see you guys having fun too!!!