Monday, April 27, 2015

Exploring Play Dough with Infants

Sorry it's been forever since we posted!! But we are back at it!!

This one is super easy but my little guy loved it :)

All you need is play dough! You can make your own play dough (We will get a homemade play dough recipe up soon!) or use store bought like we did!


We started out by exploring the container.... that didn't last long before he got mad since he couldn't open it 


If your little one is anything like mine....this quickly turned to this.....

This is probably why you have avoided using play dough with your little ones...although play dough is non-toxic I'd rather him not eat it :) so....

We stuck it in a zip lock :) 

This allows him to explore and play without the worry of him eating it (or having to pick up the tiny pieces are inevitably left)!!

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