Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Eggs

Well, today got away from me as my car broke and we were trying to figure that out so this one is super simple.....but as promised here is our post!!

The items needed are:
*Construction paper
*Glue Stick - (Elmer's glue will work well too but may make a bit more of a mess)
*Sticky Foam Shapes (These are optional- we had these left over from Bug's birthday party!)

Have your little one choose the colors they would like to use.... Bug chose to use orange for her egg and this red and green for the decorations. 

First I cut out some shapes and stripes for Bug to use since we were short on time but now is a great time to let your little one get creative and cut out their own shapes to put on if time allows!!

Next we cut out our 'egg' shape.... 

Using the glue stick have your little one glue the shapes and stripes to the egg. As you can see the stripes were wider then the egg so we just cut the extras off!

Here is our final product!!! This was just enough to keep Bug entertained while I made dinner! Let your kiddo get creative and add and decorate however they see fit! This is a great project for letting their full creativity shine! :)

Please feel free to come back and share your pictures on our facebook page! WE LOVE TO SEE THEM!!!

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