Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Day- Heart Garland

Valentines Day is a favorite holiday of mine for homemade gifts! This year we made this heart garland for my husband to find after work :)

It's pretty simple!
Materials Needed:
Construction Paper 
Ribbon or String
Scotch Tape

I found a heart pattern online and printed it out so that Bug could trace the hearts on the paper construction paper.

After the hearts are traced on the paper have your little one cut them out. 

Next we measured how much ribbon we would need

From there we started writing on the hearts. We chose to do an "I love you because...." set but you can write anything or leave them plain! 

From here we filled a few of the remaining heart with reasons we love him. If your little one can write have them fill the hearts in!! If not ask them what to write and be sure to write in exactly what they say. This will make a great thing to look back at when they get older :)

From here we got our ribbon and stretched it out on the hearts making sure they were spaced out. Using the tape tape your ribbon (or string) to the backs of the hearts 

Remember to leave some ribbon or string at both ends of the garland strand for hanging!!

Hang your garland and you are done :)

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