Sunday, February 22, 2015

Painting Shamrocks

Here is another easy shamrock project you can do with your little one!! :)

*Image of Shamrock (printed on regular printer paper)
*Green Paint
*Cotton balls (or paint brush if you prefer)
*Scotch tape

I started with printing a shamrock pattern from Google images

Then I cut out the middle

After you do that grab a piece of card stock and tape your stencil to it

Once the paper is taped to the card stock have your little one paint inside the stencil. (We used cotton balls because it is fun to switch up your painting methods)

I put some paint in the corner of the paper as we were going to cut it out so it wouldn't be in the way.... if you don't plan on cutting it out put some on a paper plate for easy clean up :)

Let it dry. Then, remove the stencil

Now it is time to cut it out. If your little one is old enough you can use the hand-over-hand method to help them cut it out or let them do it by themselves.

Super simple yet kept Bug occupied :) My favorite kinds of projects!! :)

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