Monday, February 9, 2015

Grandma's "Heart Attack" - Valentines Day!

So this one is really simple but was still a lot of fun to pull off! :)

I printed many sheets of hearts in different sizes and had Bug color them
(On a few hearts we wrote "We love you because..." and I had Bug fill in the blank ... It is something fun for the person receiving the "Heart Attack" to read while cleaning up!)

Then we cut them out (This took Bug and I as there were a lot of hearts!)

After they were all cut out we loaded up the car and headed to GRANDMAS HOUSE! 

Once we got there we put tape on the back and stuck them ALL over her house for her to find when she got home :)

Bug was so excited when Grandma said she found them!!! Not only did it make Grandma's day to come home to them but it made Bug all excited again that Grandma like them! 

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