Sunday, February 22, 2015

Painting Shamrocks

Here is another easy shamrock project you can do with your little one!! :)

*Image of Shamrock (printed on regular printer paper)
*Green Paint
*Cotton balls (or paint brush if you prefer)
*Scotch tape

I started with printing a shamrock pattern from Google images

Then I cut out the middle

After you do that grab a piece of card stock and tape your stencil to it

Once the paper is taped to the card stock have your little one paint inside the stencil. (We used cotton balls because it is fun to switch up your painting methods)

I put some paint in the corner of the paper as we were going to cut it out so it wouldn't be in the way.... if you don't plan on cutting it out put some on a paper plate for easy clean up :)

Let it dry. Then, remove the stencil

Now it is time to cut it out. If your little one is old enough you can use the hand-over-hand method to help them cut it out or let them do it by themselves.

Super simple yet kept Bug occupied :) My favorite kinds of projects!! :)

Share pictures of your little ones doing their project on our FACEBOOK!!! We love to see them!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Shamrocks

For this you need:
* Your baby's foot
*Green paint
*Paint Brush
*White Card stock

Take your kiddos foot and paint it green. 

Press their foot onto the card stock leaving room for a few more footprints

Repaint their foot and stamp their foot on the paper next to the last print....making a heart shape (I forgot to take a picture of that step)

Next continue to re-paint your child's foot between stamps and fan them out as you go so it looks something like this.

After you get the look you want take your paint brush and add the stem

Allow to dry and cut out :)

Super simple and it looks really cute!! 

This can be done with kids of any age and will look just as cute!!

St. Pattys Day Celebrations....What do you do?

We are {not so patiently} waiting for spring to get here! We cannot wait to get outside and not become ice cubes just because we walked from the house to the car.
 On the bright side St. Patty's Day is right around the corner!

Bug is 5 and I can't say that we have done anything too fantastic (aside from crafts) to celebrate. We haven't had any leprechaun visitors or anything fun like that. I think with two kiddos in the house it is time to step up my game.

What are some fun things you do in your house to celebrate?? We are looking for some fun ideas!!!

 24 days to be exact!!!

That means......
should be here soon..... 28 days! 

Please leave your St. Patty's Day ideas below!!! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Day- Heart Garland

Valentines Day is a favorite holiday of mine for homemade gifts! This year we made this heart garland for my husband to find after work :)

It's pretty simple!
Materials Needed:
Construction Paper 
Ribbon or String
Scotch Tape

I found a heart pattern online and printed it out so that Bug could trace the hearts on the paper construction paper.

After the hearts are traced on the paper have your little one cut them out. 

Next we measured how much ribbon we would need

From there we started writing on the hearts. We chose to do an "I love you because...." set but you can write anything or leave them plain! 

From here we filled a few of the remaining heart with reasons we love him. If your little one can write have them fill the hearts in!! If not ask them what to write and be sure to write in exactly what they say. This will make a great thing to look back at when they get older :)

From here we got our ribbon and stretched it out on the hearts making sure they were spaced out. Using the tape tape your ribbon (or string) to the backs of the hearts 

Remember to leave some ribbon or string at both ends of the garland strand for hanging!!

Hang your garland and you are done :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Grandma's "Heart Attack" - Valentines Day!

So this one is really simple but was still a lot of fun to pull off! :)

I printed many sheets of hearts in different sizes and had Bug color them
(On a few hearts we wrote "We love you because..." and I had Bug fill in the blank ... It is something fun for the person receiving the "Heart Attack" to read while cleaning up!)

Then we cut them out (This took Bug and I as there were a lot of hearts!)

After they were all cut out we loaded up the car and headed to GRANDMAS HOUSE! 

Once we got there we put tape on the back and stuck them ALL over her house for her to find when she got home :)

Bug was so excited when Grandma said she found them!!! Not only did it make Grandma's day to come home to them but it made Bug all excited again that Grandma like them!