Sunday, October 6, 2013

Let's try this again....

If you remember a couple weeks ago I had posted that I was really excited to start working on the 'treat' for Bugs friends for Halloween....

Well, the excitement quickly faded when I tried not once, not twice but THREE times to get it to work!!!

My original idea was to make pumpkin shaped crayons and give a few to each of her friends...cute right? 

It isn't so cute when you buy the wrong molds and there are pieces of the mold stuck to the crayons...anyways, lesson learned. So off I went to find another idea....

With just 2 weeks left before Bug needed something for dance class I was racking my brain trying to figure out what else we could do that wasn't sending food. 

I sat and thought I really don't know what to, off to Pinterest I went!! I found a really cute idea to use glow sticks HERE  :) SO excited!!!

I will post pictures once we get them made!!!

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