Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween 'Treat' for the teachers

I was almost positive that Bugs teachers might appreciate something different then the ghost bubbles we made for her friends so here is what I found...(Once again Pinterest to the rescue!)

Mummy Candle Jars

These were SO easy....we made all 3 in 10 minutes max!! 

All you need is the jar, googly eyes, gauze and craft glue/ mod podge (make sure it dries clear)...

Simply cover the jar in a thin layer of glue and begin wrapping the gauze around the jar until the whole jar is covered. 

Be sure to secure the end of the gauze so it doesn't come undone! 

Use the same glue and glue the eyes on to the gauze. 

Then leave to dry!! 


In order for Bug to be able to help me I found it easiest to put my hand in the top of the jar and then a couple fingers on the bottom and spin the jar allowing Bug to guide the gauze (after I have started the gauze) so that it covers all the glue....I then had her point to where she would like the eyes placed and I added glue there and let her put the eyes on top of the glue! 

These work perfect with Tea Lights in these!!! :)


* Original idea found HERE

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