Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween 'Treat' For School

As you might remember I was on the search for something for Bug to take to school for her friends that was a non-food item!

Well, after thinking long and hard here it is....we made ghosts!!

The materials needed for this are super simple!! Cheap bubbles, tape, string or ribbon, scissors, cotton balls and tissue paper. We chose sparkly tissue paper but any color works! You will also need a permanent marker (sorry that isn't pictured!!)

Take 1 bottle of bubbles and roll a piece of tape like this

Have your little one place the rolled piece of tape on the top of the bubbles

Take a cotton ball and have your little one 'puff' the cotton ball and place on top of the tape on the lid of the bubbles 

You will need to place another piece of rolled tape on top of the first cotton ball and fluff another cotton ball and place it on top of the second piece of tape

Take 1 piece of tissue paper and fold it in half length-wise placing the bubbles in the middle of the sheet

Fold the tissue paper around the bubbles container...using the string or ribbon tie the tissue paper tightly around the bottle

Have your little one (if they are old enough) draw the face on the ghost using the permanent marker


14 Ghosts ready to go for the Halloween party in a few weeks :)
(All done in 20 min)

What do you and your little ones send to school?? Leave your ideas in the comments!!

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