Monday, June 10, 2013

Making the best of an oops!

So the other day we were making cupcakes for my step-Moms started out as a great idea! That is until my oven got turned from 350 to somewhere around 600 degrees!!! Yup! somewhere around 600! Needless to say my 12 cupcakes burnt REALLY fast....

Instead of just throwing them in the garbage I decided to turn them into a sensory project! Check it out!!

12 very burnt cupcakes! Remove the wrappers and let your kiddo go!

Trying to use her hands to smash them .. When that didn't work....

She resorted to using her feet :)

Using her hands to smash the last few big pieces 

This is what we were left with!

Clean Up Time!!

Cake (even burnt) has a completely different texture than anything your child would normally encounter. Yes, I am sure they have eaten it...but, have they taken the time to squish it between their fingers and toes? So much fun!!! Especially since they were being tossed in the garbage anyways! :)

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