Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Macaroni Names

This one is SUPER simple! Plus it is a wonderful 'time eater' ... I had Bug do this while I cleaned out my car today! Worked like a charm!!! 

For this one you need glue (liquid), dyed macaroni (or regular works perfectly too!), construction paper with your little ones name on it. I have it on a tray since we are outside but that is not needed! 
Dye your own macaroni!! Check it out HERE

Have your little one trace the letters with the glue
[I had to trace the 'B' to show Bug how to do it but she did the other 2]


Then have them stick the macaroni to the glue lines

Have them continue to repeat those steps until their name is covered in noodles

WATER BREAK!!! It was toasty out there today!!

Then, Back to work!!!


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