Saturday, March 2, 2013

'I don't like that'

So lately any food I hand Bug...the first response out of her mouth is ' I don't like that ' ...  

When she was a baby she would eat 3 months old I let her lick a pickle thinking I would get a funny face and instead...she LOVED it!!! She was even caught pulling a container of beets off the counter and finishing it off after dinner! 

Now, the story is totally different. She will hardly eat anything. If it were up to her the world would consist of Macaroni and Cheese and Hot Dogs with the occasional waffle or cheese sandwich! 

Its to the point where I can't even tell her what is for any meal because she will tell me 'I don't like it' and not touch it...where if I don't say a word and just set it in front of her she will at least try it but, typically the outcome is still 'I don't like it' . 

I don't cater too her. If she genuinely doesn't like dinner (after she has actually tried everything on her plate) then she gets a peanut butter sandwich. 

I'm hoping this is just a phase....anyone have any ideas??? If you have kid approved recipes I'd love you to share them in the comments!!!

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  1. Just keep trying. I have 3 kids. 1 is 10 and super picky, 1 is 9 and eats anything, and 1 is 7 who went through a SUPER picky stage and wouldn't eat pizza, hamburger, and spaghetti sauce. He eventually started eating pretty much anything. My rule for my SUPER picky eater is if I know he doesn't like something or if trys something and doesn't like it if we have something he does like as a side that's it. If there's nothing he likes pb sandwich and that's it (he can have more than 1 just nothing else)


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