Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wind Chime Kit

I am sad to say that we haven't much time to do art projects lately but, we went to a book fair a while back and picked up this awesome Wind Chime Making Kit!!!

The kit contained 2 small terracotta pots, paints, paint brush, the chimes and string needed to put it together! All I needed was paper towel and a cup of water!!!!

The box says that it is for kids 6 and up but Bug being 3 had no problem painting the tiny pots. Yes, I will had to assemble it but isn't the fun in the painting anyway??

After I mixed a few colors together for Bug...She decided to try it herself...

Here is the almost completed we just have to wait for it to dry!

We let it dry and assembled it! Here is our final product!!!

We can't wait to get it outside this spring!!!! :)

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