Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Marbles* I can't say common sense is on my side today but, none the less Bug was pretty excited when I asked if she wanted to make these!!

Once my common sense kicked in (After balloon number one) these were pretty easy! We had to do them in the bathroom because the filter on our kitchen sink doesn't allow for putting the balloon on it!

All you need for this is a faucet that you can put the balloon on, food coloring, scissors (for later so they aren't pictured), water and cold weather outside!!

I'm sure water balloons could be used too but these are regular balloons...that being said I wasn't sure exactly how much water they would hold before they fell off the faucet so these are pretty small!
Simply fill the balloons to desired size, remove from faucet and tie....I shook them up a bit to make sure the food coloring wasn't all in one place.

So like I said...I wasn't thinking for the first balloon [notice the yellow all over my fingers and the balloon] and I filled it with water and THEN I tried to put the food coloring in it...DUH!!!

The next three balloons I put stretched them out a bit and then put the food coloring in BEFORE I put them on the faucet! <--- This worked much better :)

Then, place the balloons outside and let them freeze... (Bug noticed we didn't have a red we add a balloon)

Take your scissors out and cut off the balloon leaving the 'ice marbles'

Original Idea from : HERE

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