Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple for Grandpa

SO sorry for the quality of the pictures...I used my phone!

First let me explain the reason behind this:

Grandpa and Bug have this thing that whenever we see them he asks if she brought him an we thought why not bring him an apple :)

For this all you need is: glue, scissors, construction paper, templates (because I stink at free-handing it)

Cut the apple out and trace it on the your paper and cut it out

Cut out the leaf and stem patterns and trace those and then cut them out

Make an oval shaped hole slightly larger then the worm..then cut it out

Cut out the worm...I drew a smiley face on it! :)

Once everything is cut out is the time for your little one to help!!!

Place the worm through the whole...
Fold the worm over ... then put glue on the backside

Unfold the worm and stick it to the apple

Have your little one glue the stem on..

Then have your little one glue the leaf on..


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