Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy Spring Day

I have to apologize for how long it took me to get this post up! I needed my husbands help to watermark the pictures because I don't have the right software on my laptop and he had been busy for work! On a happy note here is our latest art project!!!

Materials: Scissors, cotton balls, glue [both liquid and a glue stick], construction paper, flower pattern, blue finger paint, small cup, pen and your little ones fingers

Have your little one pick out a few cotton balls....we picked 4 because of the size of our sheet of paper

Have your little one pick a few different colors of construction paper for the flowers....they will also need a different color for the background
{We have the huge sheets so we used a full one for the background and regular sized sheets for the flowers}

Have your little one if they are able to cut the top of the flower pattern out and trace it on the paper....Repeat this step on each sheet of paper- We made 6 flowers
{Note: to save paper we split an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper into quarters and used only 1/4 of it}

Using a full sheet of green paper we traced 6 flower stems

If your little one is able have them cut out the pieces...I had to cut these out for Bug

I found using a glue stick for this part to be much easier...I showed Bug how to set the cut out on it like this and slide it around to cover the bottom in glue....

Have your little one stick the flower stems along the bottom of the paper...

Using the glue stick have your little one glue the tops of the flowers to the stems

Have your little one stretch out the cotton ball so it looks like a puffy cloud

Using the liquid glue have your little one put a decent amount on the back of the cotton ball...flipping it over towards the top of the picture to make clouds :)

Put a small amount of blue paint in the little cup/container

Using their finger(s) have your little one create rain drops falling from the clouds!!


Wash your little ones hands with warm water, throw the scraps away and put supplies away...put their picture up to dry :)

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  1. this is sooo cute!!! i am not so sure my son can do this though :/


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