Monday, April 30, 2012

Sad News

I have been posting on facebook and receiving NO response what so ever!!! I'm not sure what I can do so I can still stay in touch with everyone! The timeline has put a HUGE dent in the amount of interaction I am getting... in fact it has knocked it to 0!!!! :(

If you are still checking this can you PLEASE comment below with any thoughts you have as to what might make it easier to interact with everyone?

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I can't seem to figure out why Bug thinks throwing everything is a GOOD IDEA! Okay she isn't THROWING stuff...she is 'TOSSING' stuff into the air but still! GAHH! 
We ask her nicely to stop, we count, She sits and we take the item away and it just keeps happening....

Now, I know that she is only 2 1/2 and she really isn't throwing stuff to be mean or hurt anyone...she just picks it up and tosses it in the air...

To be quite honest shes not even hurting anyone or anything....but it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! 

The bigger items like hard balls and such she will stop once we say it is going to hurt if it hits someone...but little things like pennies and what not she just says 'it won't hurt Mom...' 

Another kicker?? She only does it at our house and grandparents house...if we are on a play-date at someone else's house she doesn't do it! 

I guess I just need to wait for the phase to end right??

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Puffy Easter Eggs

Materials: Construction paper, scissors,a stapler {which isn't pictured},  pencil and egg pattern
I'm not the best at drawing so I googled my egg pattern to make sure it didn't look lopsided....i got it from HERE ..... but if you are more talented then I am you can draw your own :)

Using your scissors cut out the center of the egg

Have your little one choose a few colors of construction paper and trace 2 eggs on each page

If your little one is able let them cut it out or help you cut it...making sure to about 1/4 inch outside of the traced line....

Flip one egg over so the pencil is on the bottom...leaving the other egg with the pencil tracing side up

Put the plain egg on top of the one with the outline facing up so both sides are plain....

Using a stapler staple the edge of the egg's edges leaving a good portion of un-stapled so your little one can stuff it....

For this next part you will need your stapled eggs and 3-4 cotton balls per egg

Take 1 cotton ball at a time and stretch it out....trying not to pull it apart....

Have your little one stuff the stretched cotton balls into the pocket of the egg...I had to help bug make sure it got all the way to the bottom but other then that she got it all on her own...

After your little one gets done stuffing the eggs finish stapling around the edges to close it off....

Next you need things to decorate with...we used stamp markers crayons and glitter glue pens
Stickers would be super easy too!!

Let your little one decorate as they see fit :)  
For timing and clean up factors since we had somewhere to be I helped Bug do the glitter pen dots...

Here is our

Throw away the scraps, pick up decorating tools and materials and let them dry :)