Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Wreath

While walking through Walmart the other day Bug saw this and asked if we could make it :)

So I thought you needed glue for this project...turns out you don't :)...But I did find I needed a couple pieces of scotch tape

I cut open the bag and let Bug dump everything out

I had Bug pop all the eggs out

All the pieces except the strings came with a removable back so they could be stuck together
{Guess its been a while since I bought a pre-made art project...last time I did you needed glue for it :)  }

She stuck all the eggs on :)

It also came with small sparkly pieces to stick on the eggs

Pop out the pre-cut holes on the wreath and the sign

Put the string through the holes on the wreath and then place tap over them to hold them in place
Then thread the string through the hole of the sign placing tape on the back of the sign to hold it in place

1/2 way done :)

Attach the string to the top

Using our glitter pens Bug added a little more decoration

Here is our final project :)

We let it dry and hung it on the front door!!! 

Clean up was simple! I threw all the backings in the garbage and we were done!

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