Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Daddy Lunch

Our most recent article for Madame Deals talks about thinking outside the box for art projects! We did just that today!!

Bug made Daddy lunch all by herself today!!!

 She got the bread out :)
Spread out the mayo

Put on 2 pieces of cheese

A piece of Bologna

Put the top on and asked Mommy for help cutting it
Then she put it in the bag all by herself to take it to him at work!!

This may not be a 'typical' art project but it sure was fun and it was her own creation!!!

{Sorry for the picture quality....I used my phone}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rainbows and Gold OH MY!!!

Well, we were asked to do something with paint and tissue paper....and this isn't quite tissue paper but its sorta close... :)
All you need for this is black construction paper, white tag board,an old yellow shopping bag, paints (colors of the rainbow) a pencil and scissors. [You also need glue but I forgot that in the picture]

I drew a rough sketch of a rainbow so Bug knew what lines to paint in....leaving a space for the pot of gold

Using an old yellow shopping bag cut small pieces out where there is no writing. We got our yellow shopping bag from Dollar General :)

Using your pencil draw a pot for the gold on your black construction paper and cut it out

Have your little one put glue on the back of the pot and glue it at the end of the rainbow

I found using a q-tip and putting dots of paint in each line made it very easy for Bug to see where she needed to paint

I used a seperate q-tip for each color. After putting the dots in the lines I handed the q-tip to Bug and let her use that to spread the paint out

Final project of rainbow

Using the glue have your little one glue the small pieces of the plastic bag to the top of the pot

Final Product :)

Put the tag board someplace to dry, throw your q-tips away along with the rest of your shopping bag and construction paper scraps. You may need to wash your child's hands but we stayed clean!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Art

Bug had SO much fun with this one!!! Plus, it took no more effort then watching her play outside :)

All you need is water, an old spray bottle and food coloring :)

Add water to spray bottle and add food coloring to the water. I had to use 10-15 drops to get color...

Put top on and shake a couple times to mix

Take the bottle outside to find some snow...

A short trip down the driveway and we found a little bit of snow :)

We were lacking snow in our yard so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk!!!

We stopped along the way to spray patches of snow and the sidewalk :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'Conversation Hearts'

For this all you need is 1 piece of white paper per heart, glue, tissue paper (any color works), scissors and if you are doing it on the floor like we did cardboard or something to put under it.

We were going to do 2 hearts.....

Fold the papers in half....if your little one is able to cut them you can draw 1/2 a heart and let them cut on the lines....

Rip the tissue paper....any size is good :)

Cover the heart in glue...

Cover the glue with the tissue paper.....

Next, I went into Microsoft Word and chose a font I liked and typed out 2 sayings I wanted to use

I cut the letters out and put glue on the back of them....once the glue was on I gave them to Bug and let her put the letters on the heart....pointing towards where the letter should go....

Here is how hers turned out :)