Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Painting**

This is so easy....wonder why I didn't think of it!!!!

All you need is a container of clean snow, watercolor paints, another empty shallow container and a paint brush!!!
Fill the empty container with snow

While Bug was waiting for me to put water on the watercolors she decided to play in the snow
Get the paint on the brush and then brush it on the snow...

It wasn't going as fast as she wanted it to so she decided to play in the snow again....

From that point forward it was just sensory play with the snow :)

 These two pictures are what the paint looks like as it absorbs into the snow

If your little one chose to play in the snow instead of paint it their hands are likely to get VERY cold! It is best to wrap them in a towel and using friction from your hands rubbing the towel to warm them up. Using warm water will hurt if their hands are cold enough.

Put the paints somewhere to dry, rinse out paint brushes and dump the snow in the sink to melt :)

**Idea from HERE

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  1. This is brilliant! Except I might use milk+food coloring cause we don't have water paint. But the whole painting snow thing? Love it!


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