Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painting the Bathtub


-It is best to do this 'project' before a diaper change-

All you need for this is an empty bath tub and finger paints. 
[If your shower has a removable shower head it will make clean-up MUCH easier]

Put your little one in their swim suit (or just their diaper works too) 
[Be sure if they are in a swimsuit that you do not mind getting pain on should wash out but I've had my fair share of 'washable' paints that stain]

To start I filled her palms with two different color paints then....

Told her 'GO!'

 As she was getting low on pain I squirted a few lines of different colors in different spots of the tub..

Once the paint started to be spread over the bottom of the bathtub she discovered that its slippery :)

"I think I need to wash my hands Mom"

The FINAL Creation!!!!

Take your little one from the tub and put their feet and hands in the bathroom sink. Warm water will clean them up quickly :)

If you have a removable shower head clean up is VERY fast and EASY!!!  Simply turn it on to the highest pressure you can with hot water (Basically, you are pressure washing your shower walls). Focusing on the paint it will easily wash away

If you do not have a removable shower head hot water and washcloth will clean it too. 

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