Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Dental Trip

Today was exciting and scary all at the same time! I was slightly sad that Bug was old enough to go to the dentist but so excited because it was yet another milestone that we have reached and no passed! Although, I have to admit....going to the dentist was NEVER glorious thing when I was little. We went to a 'family' dentist and all I can remember is fear and TONS of pain!!!

Confession: the act of taking Bug to the dentist brought back those fears.

I as an adult don't like going to the dentist but I knew that being hesitant wasn't going to get me anywhere and sure wouldn't help Bug! So I swallowed my concerns and off to the dentist we went with a smile plastered on our faces!!!

We walked in and I was more then happy that we had decided to take Bug to a pediatric dentist. EVERYTHING was centered around the kids! Still slightly nervous for the actual visit we sat in the waiting room and Bug played with the abundance of books and toys and puzzles.

We finally got called back and the hygienist was SO awesome! She was very understanding of Bug being shy and just let everything go at Bug's pace! She explained everything to me and then stopped and took the time to explain everything to Bug in a language she could understand.

Once the exam started Bug by 'riding the chair' up and down...and up and down...and then we told her it was going to lay back...that freaked her out! We tried to show her the movie that was playing above the chair (yes, they had a TV mounted so the kids could watch that during the cleaning!!!) but that didn't work. So plan B came into play and she sat on my lap and after a few more tears willingly let the hygienist look at her teeth.

Then the dentist came in and she willingly let him look at her teeth too! Still a little shy since these people were strangers but all was well.

I was happy to hear that her teeth are very clean and everything looks exactly how it is supposed to!!! :)

Everyone became best friends at the end of the appointment when she got to pick out a new toothbrush and a new bath toy :)


  1. Overcoming all your concerns and setting aside your fear just to set a good example for Bug is a noble act, Steph. Well, it's all worth it, 'coz Bug did well on her dental visit. She was able to tough it out because of your bravery! Kudos to you! :)

    1. Thanks Ed!! I'm hoping the next trip this summer goes just as well!!


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