Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puffy Hearts

This is a quick and easy way to make homemade valentines :)

All you need is shaving cream, glue, red food coloring, a small bowl to mix it in, scissors and your little ones feet. You will also need something to mix the puffy paint with.

Make your puffy paint and add the food coloring (recipe found HERE )...the more you add the darker your color is going to be

Mix your puffy paints and food coloring....

Cover the bottom of your little ones foot with the puffy paint....

Place your child's foot on the paper at an angle...

The food coloring will stain your child's foot :)

Next put the puffy paint on your child's other foot and line the heals up to the best of your ability forming a heart. 

Using your scissors cut out the heart and let dry. Write your message on the back and you have a 1 of a kind Valentine for that special someone!!

Wash your little one's foot, pick up the scissors, put food coloring away and wash bowl of puffy paint. Put heart aside to dry :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nail Painting

We painted each others nails today!!!!! I even let Bug paint mine for the first time!

Bug did a VERY good job on mine!!! 


(We got a pack of 16 kids fingernail polishes for $4 at the dollar store!!!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

These are what we made!!! (The picture above is not mine....) But, I can say that it was very easy! We twisted the shapes we wanted (wrapping them around cookie cutters works great!) and dumped some bubbles in a container (just enough to cover the wands) and we were good to go.

You can use store bought bubbles but I have found that homemade bubbles work MUCH better!!! You can find a recipe HERE on one of my other posts. SO easy and the kiddos can help make them!!!

HERE is the link to where I found the directions :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Dental Trip

Today was exciting and scary all at the same time! I was slightly sad that Bug was old enough to go to the dentist but so excited because it was yet another milestone that we have reached and no passed! Although, I have to admit....going to the dentist was NEVER glorious thing when I was little. We went to a 'family' dentist and all I can remember is fear and TONS of pain!!!

Confession: the act of taking Bug to the dentist brought back those fears.

I as an adult don't like going to the dentist but I knew that being hesitant wasn't going to get me anywhere and sure wouldn't help Bug! So I swallowed my concerns and off to the dentist we went with a smile plastered on our faces!!!

We walked in and I was more then happy that we had decided to take Bug to a pediatric dentist. EVERYTHING was centered around the kids! Still slightly nervous for the actual visit we sat in the waiting room and Bug played with the abundance of books and toys and puzzles.

We finally got called back and the hygienist was SO awesome! She was very understanding of Bug being shy and just let everything go at Bug's pace! She explained everything to me and then stopped and took the time to explain everything to Bug in a language she could understand.

Once the exam started Bug by 'riding the chair' up and down...and up and down...and then we told her it was going to lay back...that freaked her out! We tried to show her the movie that was playing above the chair (yes, they had a TV mounted so the kids could watch that during the cleaning!!!) but that didn't work. So plan B came into play and she sat on my lap and after a few more tears willingly let the hygienist look at her teeth.

Then the dentist came in and she willingly let him look at her teeth too! Still a little shy since these people were strangers but all was well.

I was happy to hear that her teeth are very clean and everything looks exactly how it is supposed to!!! :)

Everyone became best friends at the end of the appointment when she got to pick out a new toothbrush and a new bath toy :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Painting**

This is so easy....wonder why I didn't think of it!!!!

All you need is a container of clean snow, watercolor paints, another empty shallow container and a paint brush!!!
Fill the empty container with snow

While Bug was waiting for me to put water on the watercolors she decided to play in the snow
Get the paint on the brush and then brush it on the snow...

It wasn't going as fast as she wanted it to so she decided to play in the snow again....

From that point forward it was just sensory play with the snow :)

 These two pictures are what the paint looks like as it absorbs into the snow

If your little one chose to play in the snow instead of paint it their hands are likely to get VERY cold! It is best to wrap them in a towel and using friction from your hands rubbing the towel to warm them up. Using warm water will hurt if their hands are cold enough.

Put the paints somewhere to dry, rinse out paint brushes and dump the snow in the sink to melt :)

**Idea from HERE

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Egg Carton Coloring

All you need for this is an empty (clean egg carton), scissors, colored pencils/crayons and a piece of paper

Cut the top and side piece off the egg carton and throw them away

Flip the egg carton over...then poke a hole in the center of each holder...

Line the egg carton up with the piece of paper

Have your little one pick 12 colors

Then have them place the pencils in the holes tip down

You may need to hold the egg carton down so they are able to color...otherwise I found that the colored pencils started to slide out the sides

Once they are done have them tip the egg carton back and see what they created :)

Here is what Bug created  :)

Throw the egg carton away (or store to use again later) and pick up colored pencils :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can't do it all....

A realization came to me (A while ago actually....)   :) I can't do it all!!

After an amazing day out with Bug this week I have decided that instead of doing art everyday (as this becomes the focus of the day...) we will be able to do it 2-4 times a week instead.

I hope this doesn't bother any of you but I think it will help keep a healthy balance between being able to enjoy free play and days out and doing structured activities with her.

If you any comment or concerns please feel free to contact me at  luvbeinmomma2@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painting the Bathtub


-It is best to do this 'project' before a diaper change-

All you need for this is an empty bath tub and finger paints. 
[If your shower has a removable shower head it will make clean-up MUCH easier]

Put your little one in their swim suit (or just their diaper works too) 
[Be sure if they are in a swimsuit that you do not mind getting pain on it....it should wash out but I've had my fair share of 'washable' paints that stain]

To start I filled her palms with two different color paints then....

Told her 'GO!'

 As she was getting low on pain I squirted a few lines of different colors in different spots of the tub..

Once the paint started to be spread over the bottom of the bathtub she discovered that its slippery :)

"I think I need to wash my hands Mom"

The FINAL Creation!!!!

Take your little one from the tub and put their feet and hands in the bathroom sink. Warm water will clean them up quickly :)

If you have a removable shower head clean up is VERY fast and EASY!!!  Simply turn it on to the highest pressure you can with hot water (Basically, you are pressure washing your shower walls). Focusing on the paint it will easily wash away

If you do not have a removable shower head hot water and washcloth will clean it too.