Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Tonight we stayed simple since it was a long busy day!!!

For this all you need is construction paper, stencils, scissors, glue and a pencil
[  Daddy drew us a stocking stencil and a stencil for the top of the stocking.....I found other 'Christmas' shapes by googling them. ] 

For the sake of time [its almost bed time] I cut out the stocking and the top of the stocking. (If you have time you can allow your child to help you cut using the hand over hand method) 

Have your little one pick 2 different colors of paper out...

Place the stencils on the paper and using your pencil trace them...

Cut them out (again, for the sake of time tonight I cut them out but if time allows you should have your little one help you!)  Then, using the glue stick place glue on the back of the top of the stocking and have them stick it on...

Out of our little shapes/ characters Bug picked the snowman...I cut it out and she put the glue on the back and stuck it on!

We also cut a teddy bear out of yellow paper to add to it. Bug put glue on the back and stuck it on...

[If you have time you can use glitter glue to make it sparkle or add some stickers. I used a marker and put Bug's name on the top of the stocking]

Throw scraps of paper away, pick scissors and glue up and you are done :)

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