Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Hat-Welcome Sign

The materials for the first part of the project are 2 pieces of construction paper (colors of your child's choice), cotton balls, liquid glue and a glue stick

 (If your child is able to let them help with this step!)
Using the glue stick put glue one the edge of one of the sheets of paper. then glue the two sheets together

Have your little one fold the paper so it has a triangular shape (Like Santa's hat)

Have your little one glue the two flaps of paper together on the back side using the glue stick

Using the liquid glue have your child put glue at the bottom edge of the hat and add cotton balls to it
After a bit of frustration with the cotton balls not sticking we found that it was easier for me to put the glue on the paper and let Bug put the cotton balls down

Then I put glue at the top for her and she added the cotton balls there too!

For the second half of the project you will need a permanent marker, the Santa hat, and some old Christmas card envelopes (or white paper)

[An adult should do the next  couple of steps]

Using the scissors cut open the envelop one the outside edges.

Using the permanent marker write the letters to spell 'Welcome'. Making them about an inch high and spacing them out. Then using the scissors cut them out
[I learned that the spacing in this picture was not enough....I was only able to use every other letter]

Have your little one use the glue stick and put glue on the back of the letters and glue them on the hat. Bug had a hard time getting enough glue on the letters so they would stick. I found that holding them for her she was able to get it :)

Let it dry and you now have a Santa hat welcome sign!!!

Pick up the scraps, put glues and scissors away and your done :)

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