Friday, December 30, 2011

Homemade Valentines :)

All you need for this is paper and a hand print, scissors, pen/pencil and glue.
[Scrap-booking paper works very well!! Card stock would also work!!]

Your child is free to decorate each hand as they please. Since Bug is little with a short attention span I googled 'Happy Valentines Day' and put them in a word document and cut them out to fit on the hand making 'stickers'...

Cut out the hand print and the print outs

If you use scrap book pages have your child pick the color and design they would like to use....then flip it over and using the hand print you traced earlier trace their hand several times on it....
[If your little one is able to use the stencil made earlier have them trace their own hand print on the page(s)]

Then cut them out....(If your little one is able to have them cut these out...)

Have your little one pick a cut out....using the glue stick place glue on the back of the cut out and then place it on the hand....

[You may need to go back later and make sure there is enough glue on them so the pictures stick]

I took a marker and wrote a message on the hands......Pair with a homemade snack and you have a VERY easy gift for those you and your child love!!!

Throw the scrapes of paper away, put the cap on the glue, put your pen and marker away and you are done :)

**Original idea found here HERE

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