Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hand Print Trees

All you need are 3 pieces of green paper, 1 piece of paper any other color, scissors, a glue stick, and a pencil. We had stickers to decorate the tree too.


Have your little one put their hand on the paper... making sure their fingers are spread wide then trace it.
[You will also need to trace a hand that is closed for the top of the tree!]

Cut them out and use the spread out hand for a stencil. Unless your little one is old enough to sit and have their hand traced multiple times.
Trace their hands on all 3 sheets of green paper and cut them out. If your little one is able to allow them to cut out their own hands :)

I found it easier to use your fourth sheet of construction paper to make a large triangle. This will help your child's hand prints look like a tree when they are done :)

Give your child the glue stick and have them 'color' the glue on the triangle. Then have him/her place the hands on the tree

Place the closed hand at the top of the tree and your child just made their own Christmas Tree!!!

We made a star to glue on the top too!


We decorated it with stickers!!!

Throw the scraps away, put cap on glue stick and put away and pick scissors up and your done  :)

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  1. Wish my grandkids were here to do this with!


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