Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Shaving Cream Adventures

Bug has been asking to play in shaving cream...SO WE DID! I changed it up a little bit and gave her a few different things to play with :)

We started by adding some pretzel sticks....

Then we added the leafy part of a celery stalk...

We also added some baby gold fish

Bug figured out that the fluffy parts that stick up would 'wiggle' when she blew on them...


We got VERY messy!!!
-Shes not too sure about the shaving cream being on her face-

{*If you use whip cream instead of shaving cream this could be a fun and EDIBLE project*}

A warm wet washcloth with wipe the shaving (or whip cream) off your child [and their clothes] along with clean up the play space :) Throw the pieces of food that were played with in the garbage and you're done :)

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