Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hand Print Turkeys

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Check out these turkeys to celebrate!!!

All you need is construction paper, glue, scissors, a pen or pencil, your child's hands and feet

Have your child pick 4 different colors of construction paper...

Have them pick out 1 sheet of paper and place their hand(s) on the paper to trace...
 [You only need to trace one hand but Bug insisted that we trace both]

Using your pen/pencil trace your child's hand(s) {Leaving room on the paper to trace more hands}

[If your child is older you can trace their hand repeatedly but since Bug is smaller I found it helpful to trace one set and use the first 2 as stencils]

[Skip this step if you traced your child's hand repeatedly]
Cut the first pair of hands out and use them as stencils

Have your child pick 2 more colors of paper and using the stencils fill the next 2 sheets with hand prints
[If you didn't use the stencils just trace your child's hand(s) until the papers are filled]

{If your child is old enough they can do this step} Cut out the hand prints...

Next, have your child remove their sock and stand on the last piece of paper...

Bug decided we should use 2 feet :) but you only need 1

{If your child is old enough they can do this step} Cut the feet out

If using two feet be sure to over lap them toes on the bottom and the heals will line up forming the head...

[If your child wants to use one foot the heal is the head and the toes are the bottom...]

After lining the feet up lift the edge and put a small amount of glue in the overlap area {if your child is able to help you allow them to spread the glue}

Have your child place glue on the palm of the hand and place is on the turnkey body.... {Ideally the hands should be up by the head creating a fanned out feather look}

Continue the above step until all the hands are glued on the body...

Flip it over. If there was a lot of glue used I would recommend letting it dry before you continue...

{If your child is old enough let them do this step} Using a scrap piece of paper draw a turkey leg/foot

[If you draw one and fold the paper in half then both legs will look similar]

Have your child glue the legs on the bottom of the turkey

Next, have your child select another scrap of paper and draw eyes on the paper...

{If your child is able let them do this step} Cut out the eyes and glue them on the head of the turkey

Have your child select one more scrap of paper (A piece with a corner will be perfect) and cut the corner off...

Glue the beak on....

You now have a turkey! Have them choose a place in the house to hang their new masterpiece!!

This one is easy: Simply throw your scrapes of paper away, put the scissors, glue and pen/pencil away :)

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