Thursday, October 6, 2011

Water Play

We took advantage of the nice warm weather today!! One last time :)

All you need for this is:

This one is SUPER easy!!! 

Just fill the squirt bottle with water and once you get outside hand it over to your child and let them go. 
There are so many things they can discover just by squirting the bottle! 
We squirted the car and watched it dry up fast since the car was hot, We also squirted the light pole and watched the water drip to the bottom!
Then we decided to 'draw' ... the big spot is actually 'the number 4' ... then we turned it into a puddle and played in it.

We also experimented with squirting the bottle up so it would 'rain' and squirting it straight into the wind so it would blow back on us :)

This one is the simplest yet! Just dump out the water that is left in the bottle :)

[I apologize for the lack of actual pictures....I forgot to charge my camera after our weekend away and was taking pictures for today and tomorrow's post when it died!!  ]

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